Wind Farm Development from Scratch

Site Identification

  • Our specialized team, which includes the Wind Resource Manager, Transmission Manager, and the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager, among others, locate windy sites with available transmission.

    Initial Contact with Landowners

  • In our first communication with prospective landowners, we send a package that includes a variety of information about our company and a copy of our standard option and lease agreement.

  • PNE WIND USA organizes meetings with landowners to educate and inform the community about wind energy. This provides a forum to discuss the possibility of a wind farm and consider the options and leases.


  • We perform studies in collaboration with transmission operators to ensure interconnection without impacting the grid system. Further, we determine if upgrades to the system are necessary and calculate the costs.

    Wind Analysis

  • We compare our readings with historical data in order to make long-term estimates of wind speeds and calculate expected energy production at the site using several parameters, including atmospheric pressure.
  • We measure the wind using meteorological towers in order to determine wind speed and direction.

    Energy Market

  • We analyze the complex power market to determine possible energy buyers.

    Environmental Studies

  • Wildlife and environment are very important to us. In order to protect their safety we conduct studies such as bat, avian, wetlands and endangered species studies. The results of these studies help us to minimize environmental impact.


  • We complete the construction of small to mid-size wind farms in approximately four to eight months. Covering less than two percent of the total project area, access roads and turbines occupy a minimal amount of space. During construction, we keep disturbance low and restore the land to its original state upon completion.

    Operating the Wind Farm 25+ years

  • The wind farm is a long-term investment. The operator is managing the assets and production ensuring that equipment operates at peak efficiency.
  • News

    • In the first six months of 2017, PNE WIND achieved significant progress in its domestic and foreign wind farm projects

      2017-08-10 15:10:12


    • PNE WIND-subsidiary WKN sells Vivaldi Springtime project

      2017-07-13 13:04:08


    • 80 percent stake in a 142 MW wind farm portfolio has been sold to a subsidiary of Allianz Global Investors

      2016-12-12 15:37:47